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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Denise McGuire has done an exceptional job with our son. His hockey background helped him with regard to being competitive, but he needed a different mindset for golf. She helped him program his mind to stay in the present and keep his composure throughout a round. We also saw his confidence and focus take off through him trusting in all the teaching and guidance she has provided to him as junior golfer. He is now beginning his next steps toward Collegiate Division I golf. Many Thanks!

– Steve B, Ft. Collins, CO

Dr. Denise has been invaluable for the competitive development of our son. She was extremely helpful in assisting him regain his confidence and mental focus following a physical problem that was followed by poor play and a lack of confidence. By using the tools and techniques that Dr. Denise has developed, and through hard work, he was able to rebound from his slump with confidence and have a great final year of his junior career by becoming a highly ranked local and national player.

– Kevin A., Morrison, CO

Dr. D has helped my daughter become aware of how her emotions can affect her game. She deals with everything from pre- and post-shot routines to improving team dynamics. She goes above and beyond the scheduled sessions through constant communication with my daughter and with me. I have noticed a major improvement in my daughter’s composure and attitude during tournaments and after. It has made the whole experience of competitive golf more enjoyable for her and for me!

– Sue T., Longmont, CO

Having spent nearly ten years running junior events I am convinced that the number one priority for our players should be the mental side of the game. Dr. McGuire has made tremendous inroads with the Colorado Junior Golf community and is a true asset to our players. By helping our players get control of their thoughts and actions she has single handedly improved our quality of play. I have personally witnessed Dr. McGuire’s techniques work both on the golf course as well as in other athletic endeavors. In my opinion, Dr. McGuire is second to none!

– Dustin Jensen, Director of Youth Services CJGA

Prior to visiting Denise, our daughter seemed to have mastered many of golf’s fundamentals yet still faced scoring challenges in high pressure tournament play.  Sometimes her scoring was inhibited by negative thoughts and other times she wouldn’t be able to recover from a “blow up” hole.

After investing quality time with Dr. Denise, our daughter has been able to deal more effectively with distractions and negative thoughts and has developed emotional management tools to help her play more consistently under pressure. In fact, in a pressure intensive large national tournament, attended by the coaches from all three of her top choice Division I schools, she fired her all time personal best (at the time) and received offers from two of the three schools on the spot.

– Mark S., Denver, CO

My daughter started working with Denise McGuire of Get in the Zone during the winter of her junior year. When we made a visit to a college coach in the spring, he stated that the mental game is the most important aspect of golf. The fact that she had already addressed this part of her game was extremely impressive to him. Not only was this important in her search for the right school, but she was also better prepared for the state tournament later that year. It made a big difference in how she was able to handle the pressure and keep her composure during the highs and lows throughout such a significant round of golf.

– Claudia F. Denver, CO

Denise has been a true savior for my son. Prior to seeing Denise, he felt that he had to win every tournament he entered and this created undue pressure on him. There was a definite improvement for him in just the first three sessions with her. He has completed 20 sessions over the past 10 months. He is now a totally different golfer, being more mature, having total confidence and knowing what he has to accomplish in a tournament.

– Mike G., Denver, CO

It had been 25 years since I’d played competitive golf and a lot had gotten in the way. Not just the outside stuff like work and an aging body, but inside stuff, self-judgement and criticism, that was sapping my love for the game of golf. It had gotten to the point where I was actually afraid to hit the ball. That’s when I contacted Dr. McGuire and began the inside work. It’s been a year now and my love for golf is deeper than ever. I enjoy competition like never before, and my handicap has gone from 10 to 5. Imagine that!

– Jessi M., Denver, CO

Having played golf for nearly 30 years – some good years and some bad, it was time to look deeper at my game if I was to really break through and play at the next level.  Working with Denise to bring awareness to all that I was bringing to the course, and finding my confidence BEFORE I started rather than searching for it during the round, have made a huge impact  on my game. What I really appreciated was that while she brings a deep base of knowledge and expertise in psychology and performance, she treated me entirely as an individual – no canned theory or set of steps that might not have fit who I am.

I love the challenge of the golf game, and feel fortunate to have found Denise to boost my enjoyment of all that it is.

– Ellen R., Denver, CO

I have been working with Denise for over 5 years. She has helped me greatly improve my golf game through a number of strategies that result a better awareness and presence in my shot making and approach to my game, a more positive outlook and more fun playing golf. I really enjoy working with Denise and would recommend her to anyone serious about their golf game.

– Rob M., Denver, CO

Our YPO Forum hired Denise and  her staff to do a half-day retreat for us, and without knowing  really what to expect, everyone in our Forum was presently surprised on our takeaway.  The techniques and the knowledge we learned from Denise and her team are techniques that many of my Forum mates and myself are implementing not only in our golf game, but more importantly in our personal and business lives.  We are very happy we hired Denise!

– Dan F., YPO Member, Denver, CO

With Get in the Zone, Denise McGuire has created a wonderful performance program for golfers and non-golfers alike.  In the course of a 4-hour session off and on the golf course, I was introduced to the art of self-awareness, focus, and execution using the game of golf as a fun medium. I have a renewed appreciation and understanding for the many factors at play in order to achieve maximum performance; practicing self-awareness, identifying and understanding distractions, compartmentalizing thoughts and emotions, making conscious use of limited time, and zooming in and pursing specific targets with intense focus during short durations. Thank you Denise, your lessons allows me to enhance my performance both at work and in my personal life.


– Christian Holmsen, CEO RezStream, Inc.

Dr. Denise helped me learn to play golf without fear. I learned to believe in myself and my abilities as a player. Now I know how to get in the zone and play focused, committed golf shots on a consistent basis. Thank you Denise for helping me see just how well I can really play! I won my club championship by 8 shots and am now a regular contender in state championship events. Mark B., Denver, CO

I like the fact that I can apply the tools I know not only to golf but to the rest of my life.  I also like how I can learn new tools and figure out what they mean on my own. Raiden W., Denver, CO